Rainbow Map

If you are new to this website please click here to read a short introduction to the Rainbow Map.

Please click here to download copies of the Rainbow Map for printing or use online with clients. 

Training Modules

Short Introduction to the Rainbow Map (30m)

A very quick fly through the Rainbow Map showing you the basic elements and how they work. This has been developed to help you determine quickly if and how this tool might be of use to you before committing more time to other modules. Please click here to watch. 

Interactive Introduction to the Rainbow Map (90m)
A more indepth introduction to the Rainbow Map showing how this tool can be used. A friend of the family (Gursheel) joins Andrew to read each slide and ask questions and share reflections before they move onto the next slide. Please click here to watch.

Psychotherapist and Counsellor Reflection Sessions  (30m  to 60m)

Interactive sessions where psychotherapists and counsellors using the Rainbow Map join Andrew to reflect on their and their clients' experience of using this tool.

They also talk nuts and bolts in terms of why, when and how they introduce and work with the Rainbow Map. 

Please click on the type of client work that interests you to find and watch relevant sessions:


Young People

Couple & Family

Rainbow Map Techniques Module (60m)
Andrew adds more depth to the basic elements of the Rainbow Map and offers additional tips on how it can be used.
Please click here to watch. 

Interactive Resources and Reconditioning Module (80m)

Please click this link if you would like to see an 8 min fly through of this module before deciding whether to commit to the full 80min interactive module.

The Interactive module shows how the Rainbow Map can be used as a focussed tool to reduce the duration and drive down the intensity of discomfort being experienced when we tigger into fight/flight and/or hide/freeze patterns of behaviour. Please click here to watch.